“About Me”

Tell me about yourself?

I hate this question. And I hate when other people just rattle off interesting facts like points on a presentation.

  • I’ve never traveled to China.
  • I like dogs and cats. (gasp)
  • I have brown eyes and brown hair and am generally a brown color.

It doesn’t really make a picture of a person. Unless you’re just imagining a brown stick figure surrounded by dogs and cats next to a picture of China labeled with a frowny face.

Sorry China.

I guess it’s easier to classify some people that way. I mean we’ve all done ice breakers at least once in our lives. But I know I never really paid attention, unless you were handing out cookies or something cause everyone likes cookies (this is the point where you all go, oh yes of course, I love cookies too, she’s so relatable (make sure you say it with an Jewish/new jersey accent) and if you don’t like cookies, you’re just an outlier (and if you didn’t say it with a Jewish/new jersey accent I’m a little upset because that’s how I imagined it.)

Anyways. Enough with the incorrectly used parenthesis.

I am just a person, a child really, in the scheme of things. I have hopes and aspirations. I have scars and bruise just like you. I dream at night and believe that one day I’ll be able to sit and tell you all about my life and who I am. But today, I’m not sure. I am still learning who I am, where I want to be and do and go and see. Experience makes a person. And I’m like an empty glass, a turkey early Christmas morning, if you will. Not quite done and nowhere near full.

This blog is an attempt to do something worth doing. I could read all day. Play video games. Search the web. Or create and annoy lost readers with my thoughts and awful attempts at something worth your time. Maybe one day I’ll surprise you. And you’ll go, “you know, Lauryn the Mag, she’s pretty magnificent.”

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A Million Worlds

So I’m basically using this blog, my blog, which I’m sure no one is actually reading, to revamp my writing habits. Because quite frankly they have pretty much creased to exist, what with life getting in the way and such. SO, this is a flash piece entitled “A Million Worlds”.  I plan on doing some book critiques on here as well, eventually.


A Million Worlds by Lauryn Roberts

It starts with the bell chime. The ding. The buzz. A murmur of acknowledgement from an inanimate object that weighs more than you expected. Under a hum of lights a maze lies before you. It doesn’t seem restricting as if it was simply a guide with multiple answers, all of them right, possibly wrong. It pulls you deeper, beckoning with navigational terms. Sought after sections and concepts, ideas and items. Lined amongst them, turned to face you, are words. Lines and lines of words encased in smooth shells that whisper at your touch. Dozens and thousands of them surround you, encase you in turn. Each surfaced smothered in words and lines and meaning and truth. And in the depth of knowledge and knowing you stand. A million worlds at your fingertips. Stunned, a small smile stretching your face, you pick up a book and begin to read.


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